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log: 2019-11-01 01:23:17

<FF>Fishpaste (1:23am)

Quake III Arena Maps, Demo[Bot], Demo[Players]. More demos going up soon:-

<FF>PhanTom-rider**** (1:23am)

Funfraggers Home pages:

<FF>PhanTom-rider**** (1:24am) :)

<FF>PhanTom-rider**** (9:51pm)

"The media it Blinds our eyes A people divided And force feds lies!!"

morb (11:15pm)

reference: id's ftp server has been decommissioned. There is a mirror here:-

morb (6:15pm)

Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!!!:-

ozric (5:53pm)

Chapman Stick:

ozric (12:40am)

FINGERS Mitchell Cullen Australian Tour 2012 Steam Roller -


What If Everything You Were Ever Taught Was A Lie?

<FF>PhanTom-rider**** (4:45pm)

Arrival of the Birds (Extended)

<FF>^dD^*** (11:24am)

This requires a little bit more skill than ztn3dm1 RA plasma climb ;)

ozric (3:59pm)

noted ;]

<FF>^dD^*** (4:48pm)

looks like nice and fast strafe map. Maybe I will upload it on ff.backyard

ozric (7:49pm)

The Kolbrin | The Worldwide Flood: Who, Why, When And Where:-