08 August 2020

IP Address:

Your Internet connection's IP address is uniquely associated with the following "machine name":

The string of text above is known as your Internet connection's "reverse DNS." The end of the string is probably a domain name related to your ISP. This will be common to all customers of this ISP. But the beginning of the string uniquely identifies your Internet connection.

The concern is that any web site can easily retrieve this unique "machine name" whenever you visit. It may be used to uniquely identify you on the Internet. In that way it's like a "supercookie" over which you have no control. You can not disable, delete, or change it. Due to the rapid erosion of online privacy, and the diminishing respect for the sanctity of the user, we wanted to make you aware of this possibility. Note also that reverse DNS may disclose your geographic location.

Browser information and Operating System(OS)

The following information is a 'best guess' at determining Web Browser, Version, and Operating System

Browser Name: unknown
Browser Version: unknown
Browser User Agent String: CCBot/2.0 (
Platform: unknown